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Amusement and fair ground rides are not available from your local supermarket and so Fun & Leisure often build fully bespoke rides and equipment.

We have constructed entire arcades and rides for many customers. These turnkey solutions range from cash boxes to huge roller coasters and wheels.

This is a picture of Fun & Leisure in the process of raising a huge wheel for the Riverside amusement park in Springfield, Conneticut in the USA.

Although we were hampered by snow and the bitter cold as you can see we got it done:

FerrisWheel3.jpgWe construct all our equipment to exacting standards which conform to local regulations which are sometimes even stricter thatn international standards.

We liaise on behalf of customers with local authorities such as town or borough councils.

Construction.jpg Previous custom solutions include:
  • Wheels
  • Roller coasters
  • Go kart tracks
  • Water rides
  • Mobile fair ground rides

A roler coaster under construction

FoldOutFloor2.jpgOne custom solution was this bespoke trailer that folds out a floor that the operators of the ride and the customers use. You can see in this image how it looks when it is delployed.

The floor can be seen half down in the image below. The other side still stowed in its travelling position.FoldOutFloor1.jpg